an exploration of threes

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" "This simple, since it is willing to help the girl, not ill-treat the officer from the girl, immediately arrange for the doctor to eat and the girl." Feng Che leisurely nodded, saying this is already taking steps towards the door. Fall in love with Japan TFBOYS Qianxue three daughter Zhangcheng Ying Mouzhong now have full admiration of color, "the girl just to be able to come to an autopsy so many clues, it is astonishing to admire!" Evening among the faint eyebrow, took out a needle and thread to mend the bodies began her fast and accurate way, quickly sew organs. buy nfl Jerseys " After saying that, I would have been standing at the side of Wuzuo scared body flick, almost fell down, Zhangcheng Ying eyes widened, and even the side of Che Fung Fung also light squint eye, apparently shocked by her words to. The other end, she quickly packed his, her hair a pull on his head, a tie belt, drafts a guess, he opened the window on the other side.

Flesh opened exposing the inside of the organ, watching the evening among skillfully, meticulous, not the slightest appearance of the first operation, Zhangcheng Ying double Yandeng rounded, while watching her anatomical movements while watching the evening among the silent profile, novelty apart from full shock. Suddenly, I saw the meal was the evening among the action. She held out her hand to check carefully, when you see that a pair of bare feet bruising toes, her eyes meal, a moment later saw the white cloth cover is good to start with the tools to take post-mortem. discount nfl Jerseys "Coupled with the deceased slightly flattened nose, so I scratched skin nose spoke next. wholesale nfl Jerseys

" "Silly boy!" Xiang Wan stroked his head and whispered, "Niangqin did not kill, your dad has also Niangqin innocence, Niangqin reason being not intended to take away the child was first settled because we Niangqin later in life, and so we settled on the intended children to be picked up, meaning children obediently and other Niangqin come back? " I heard her say did not kill, and washed clean, meaning children finally did not cry. Zhangcheng Ying some ignorant, do not understand what it meant, but it has the side of the hook lip Fung Che exposed to a very light laugh, "money?" Evening among eyelids jump, he glanced Mouguang. " Mouguang evening among a change, looked up and glared at him, "That's your pit mine!" Fung Che look the same, faintly floating eye bottom with a thin smile, "If you do not agree, the king how pit you?" In other words, even if I fucked you, did you also willing. Meng married wife He turned around and looked in the coffin of a man for this measure, and only reluctantly agreed." Jingzhao prefect carefully looked phoenix feather face, that the second wife Yin Xinhui Feng Yu heart is love, to see that they have Fung Yin Xinhui remains seven princes consent to it! Feng Yu depressed bewildered hearts, cold look at her, "If after watching the bodies still not prove it?" "If you can not prove that I pleaded guilty!" Rise Letter So confident? But, read the body will be able to prove that people are not killed himself really is a fantasy, is promised Whatdoes? "Good! That the present king by you!" Feng Yu final word, one side has been silent on the sidelines not say more than half the sentence Fung Che at the moment just a touch lift eye looked at, did not say anything.

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